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Ladies' Kippot
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Black bugle beads with crystal AB round faceted accent beads.
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Silver bugle beads with jet AB round faceted accent beads.
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Gold bugle beads with silver round faceted accent beads.
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Iridescent purple bugle beads with amethyst round faceted accent beads.
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Pricing and Availability

All handmade, the pictured $30 ladies' kippot are 5.5 inches in diameter; the 4 inch women's kippot $25. They are available at wholesale pricing to Temple Gift Shops, or if purchased in quantity by individuals. All have clear 1.5 inch combs, which provide superior hold in fine hair. They can be made with black, gold or silver bugle beads, with accent beads as desired. The standard bead choices are below; for custom ordering, click here Order Ladies' Kippot  to send an email with your choices and to arrange payment. I accept Visa, MasterCard and verified checks.  (There may be an additional charge for other custom color accent beads or bugle beads not shown) .

Bugle Beads
Row 1: Silver
Row 2: Black
Row 3: Gold
6mm fire polished Czech Glass Beads
Row 1: Sapphire, Ruby Red, Silver
Row 2: Amber, Jet AB, Amethyst
Row 3: Light Rose, Emerald, Crystal AB
Row 4: Lavender

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